Bright Beginnings Childcare Home

My beautiful home!

About Caregiver:

Marissa Newton

Hello, my name is Marissa Newton and I'd like to tell you a little about myself and my business. I am the owner and primary caregiver at Bright Beginnings Childcare Home. Bright Beginnings Childcare Home was established in 2014 with a goal of being a stay at home mom.  I am a married mother of two  with many years of childcare experience, starting as a young teen.

The thought of becoming a child care provider came from me "myself" looking for child care for my newborn and 3 year old boys. I did my research on a lot of child care centers and thought of ways that I could improve them if I had the chance to own one. I have been background checked and have completed the educational classes required by the state, and attend ongoing and additional classes on my own. After looking into some of the unnerving facts of some child care centers, I decided to make it my goal to provide a safe, economical, educational and fun child care center.

 I am CPR and First Aid certified through the American Heart Association and adhere to all standards required by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. I am very competitive with pricing for a child care home in the North Arlington area. I am truly passionate about early childhood education and love working with children of all ages. I believe that parent and child care provider communication is the very essence of a successful child care relationship. I strive to work with parents as a team to provide a happy and safe environment for all children.

Please contact me by calling (682) 232-4510 or email to setup an appointment.

Thank you for your interest in Bright Beginnings Childcare Home.

-Marissa Newton

Texas DFPS Operation # 1537469 (Registered Childcare Home)